Welcome to our blog!


Welcome to the new Imperial Tiles & Stone Blog! We’re excited you’re here and that we have a bright’n’shiny site to share with you. We figured we’d get started with a mini digital tour.

First, this website is designed to be a place for us to share inspiration and information with you, but it’s also built to for you to share back with us. Social media is built right-in throughout the site, and we’ve added this blog with forums for comments on each post. Don’t be shy – we want to hear from you! Post/comment/tag/pin/tweet away.

Next, it’s packed with insider info about our company and the how’n’why we create our products. Check out our Product Catalog page for what makes an Imperial Tiles & Stone product and what you can expect from each to look like. Then, visit the Our about us page to get a feel for our corporate and the way we operate as a business.

There’s info about our products too, of course. One of our favorite product places on the site is gallery. We’ve been dreaming about a new gallery that  we could share with all of you for years (literally, YEARS) and now it’s actually here – pages of lovely images that show our latest and greatest items.

We hope you’ll check it out before you go.

We also built Collection pages so you can dig into the different kinds of items we make, and not just our featured ones – our complete 2013 collection, from glass tile to wooden looking tiles. Find that perfect design for your next project. If you have questions about an Imperial Tiles & Stone product that’s already have in mind, you can email us for any question what’s so ever.

And that brings us here, to the Imperial Tiles & Stone Blog. On the blog we’ll post fresh content related to all things Imperial Tiles & Stone – think design, upcoming product releases and interviews with the team. We’ve been talking about a blog for a long time, and we’re pretty giddy about finally being able to communicate what’s happening, as it’s happening, through it with all of you. We hope you’ll comment away on each post and join the conversation with us.

So without further ado, thank you for being here and we truly hope you enjoy this site. Again, please tell us what you think! You can comment below, or you can chat with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Talk to you soon!

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