Mixed Circles

Introducing Mixed Circles Mosaics by Encore Ceramics -  Hand-Glazed in Ocean / Rain / Neptune  | Mixed Circles

Type: Handmade Ceramics

Size: 12x12 Mosaic Sheet

Color: Ocean, Rain and Neptune


Mixed Circles

Encore Ceramics Mixed Circles Mosaics in Ocean, Rain and Neptune.  This upscale, trendy look is a perfect addition to your Foyer, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Lobby, or any other space with high aesthetic standards. This particular ceramic mosaic tile pattern is a perfect choice when adding a decorative, eye-catching back-splash.  All Encore ceramic products are hand-glazed and created with high standard craftsmanship and intricate details.

Encore Ceramics, established in 2001 in Oregon, is "Transforming a surface into a design statement. Transforming a room into a work of art."

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