South Beach Beveled Arabesque Tile

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South Beach Beveled Arabesque Tile by Ken Mason - Unique and Custom Handmade Ceramic Tiles | Beveled Arabesque Tile

Series: South Beach Mosaics

Type: Handmade Ceramics

Size: 6.25 x 5.25

Color: White


Ken Mason's South Beach Beveled Arabesque Mosaics are unique and custom handmade ceramic tiles. This unique South Beach line is generally in stock and ready to ship. Beveled arabesque tiles by Ken Mason add dimension to any space with a modern feel.

The Arabesque shape goes back in history to Byzantine Art and the Roman Empire.  Beach Beveled Arabesque Mosaics are a traditional kitchen backsplash or and can bring a Moroccan feel to a home. A simply elegant tile design perfect to add to a bathroom or kitchen.

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