Amber 1×3 Matt

Introducing imperial tiles’s latest Boyce & Bean glass mosaic tile - Amber 1x3 Matt. Our singular dimensional tile is the epitome of urban rustic design and affordability Amber 1x3 Matt

Series: Boyce & Bean

Type: Glass Mosaics

Available Sizes: 1x3, 1x1

Color: Amber

Glass tiles have been implemented in design for centuries in a wide range of cultures all over the world. Choosing glass tile will add a true aesthetic value to any room and will never go out of style.

The Amber 1x3 Matt tile is highly functional and works as a wonderful back-splash for walls behind faucets or showers. The moisture resistant properties and easy cleaning maintenance are some of the benefits of choosing glass tile.

Boyce & Bean Amber 1x3 Matt Water & Light Series

See how to add this amazing tile to your latest design. Contact us TODAY for a sample of Amber 1x3 Matt.


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