Hirsch Sparkle G00131

Introducing Hirsch Sparkle G00131 Glass Mosaics - Mesh Mounted Glass Mosaics / Careful Craftsmanship & Intricate Design | Hirsch Sparkle G00131 Glass Mosaic

Series: Hirsch

Type: Mesh Mounted Glass Mosaics

Size: 1x1

Item Code: G00131


Hirsch Sparkle G00131 Glass Mosaic tile is a mixed stained glass mosaic that creates a style from traditional to contemporary. This upscale, trendy look is a perfect addition to your Foyer, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Lobby, or any other space with high aesthetic standards.  Perfect for a variety of residential and commercial applications, this tile's high standard of craftsmanship and beautiful, intricate design is sure to attract attention.

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