Palms Pure Silk

Introducing Island Stone's Palms Pure Silk Tile - Mesh Mounted Glass Mosaic Palms Pure Silk Mesh Mounted Glass Mosaic Tile

Series:  Island Stone

Type: Mesh Mounted Glass Mosaics

Size: 9 1/4x 11 3/4

Item Code: bg11pure


Island Stone's Palms Pure Silk  Mesh Mounted Glass Mosaics brilliant shine and unique appearance of tiled glass is what makes the glass a rich quality tile when comparing to other materials used for the walls, floors, and surface counter-tops.  Glass tiles have been implemented in design for centuries in a wide range of cultures all over the world. Choosing glass tile will add a true aesthetic value to any room and will never go out of style.  Our singular dimensional tile is the epitome of urban rustic design and affordability.

Contact us today for a sample of Palms Pure Silk  Mesh Mounted Glass Mosaic Tile, and discover how to use this tile in your latest renovation.

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