Belle Mare Palanga

Introducing Belle Mare Palanga by Jeffrey Court -  Mosaic Textured Glass / Wide Variety of Styles and Design Choices  | Belle Mare Palanga

Type: Glass Mosaics

Size: 12x12 Sheet

Color: Palanga


Belle Mare Palanga

Jeffrey Court's Belle Mare Palanga will add a stylish accent to your decor. With a Mediterranean Cut-Edge Mosaic Tile it consists of a mix of natural stone and glass that creates a vibrant visual contrast to any room. The glass mosaic field tiles released in Jeffrey Court's Chapter 1 Suite Glass are offered in six beautiful colors.

Chapter 1 Suite Glass from Jeffrey Court offers a wide variety of styles and design choices among the 36 mosaics included in the collection. Uniquely styled textured glass, hand-painted effects, metallized finishes, unique foil backed techniques, and natural stone make this tile the perfect addition to any other space with high aesthetic standards.

Contact us today for a sample of Belle Mare Palanga, and discover how to use this tile in your latest renovation.

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