Iceberg Glass MBS108

Introducing Iceberg Glass MBS108 Mosaic by VogueBay - Careful Craftsmanship & Intricate Design  | Iceberg Glass MBS108

Series: Iceberg Glass

Type: Glass Mosaics

Size: 12x12 Sheet

Color: MBS108


VogueBay Iceberg Glass MBS108 Mosaics break the traditions on the typical tile style by playing with circles of various sizes with gently curved surfaces for a 3-dimensional texture.  Its modern patented 3- dimensional shape with a variety of appealing colors that make it a perfect tile to add to any commercial or residential project. This tile's high standard of craftsmanship and beautiful, intricate design with a natural pattern is sure to attract attention.  The Iceberg Glass 3-dimensional tile is the epitome of urban rustic design and affordability.

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