Acoustico Brown

Introducing Acoustico Brown Porcelain Tile - Tough and Durable Long-Lasting Material / Inspired by Patina Handmade Terra-Cotta Acoustico Brown 12x24

Series: Acoustico

Type: Porcelain Tile

Color: Brown

Size: 12x24

Acoustico Brown

Acoustico Brown 12x24 porcelain tile is a high-fired made, tough and durable material that will truly be long-lasting. Porcelain is a frost proof material and can withstand lower temperature settings.  Porcelain tile is perfect for outdoor use or in refrigerated room settings.  This sleek modern tile brings a classy look and clean feel to any space.  Inspired by Patina handmade terra-cotta, our singular dimensional tile is the epitome of urban rustic design and affordability.

This tile's versatility has no limits and its style will redefine any concept in existence. If your remodeling space requires efficient and reliable durability, however, your desired design concept fancies for a contemporary and sophisticated style, then this tile would make the perfect option to satisfy and surpass both expectations. Acoustico Brown porcelain tile proves to be a high functional and versatile tile and is the evolution of concrete material that can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

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Acoustico Brown

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