Evoque Ecru

Imperial Tile & Stone Introduces Evoque Ecru - Washed Concrete-Looking Porcelain Tile - Made in Italy | Evoque Ecru

Type: Porcelain

Origin: Italy

Item Code: 63-EVO364204

Size: 12x24 , 32x32

Rectified: No

Evoque Ecru

Imperial Tile & Stone  introduces Evoque Ecru Concrete-Looking Porcelain Tile.  This tile's versatility has no limits and its style will redefine any concept in existence. The Evoque collection is a modern inspired design with innovative craftsmanship through digital inkjet technology. It has a unique washed out color and textured finish that resembles the appearance of a weathered concrete. The modern look of this tile is intended to stimulate, awaken, and arouse traditional design concepts that one may be used to. This color body porcelain tile collection is also ideal for both residential and commercial installations.  The slip-resistant texture makes this tile a perfect choice for areas of high traffic.

The word "EVOQUE" is from the French word “evoquer”, meaning “to induce, stimulate, arouse, awaken, inspire or recall”. The Evoque tile collection is available in four colors: Avorio, Carbon, Ecru and Grigio. The contemporary look of this tile is particularly great in the largest format size. The versatility of this tile will certainly accommodate any counter depth and its colored body will allow for a clean look when edges are buffed out.  It has a Slip-Resistance

Contact Imperial Tile to include our Evoque Ecru Porcelain Tile as part of your next home, or commercial renovation project.

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