London Marengo

Introducing London Marengo Modern Large Format Porcelain Tile by Roca -  Natural Marble Tile Appearance | London Marengo 20x40

Series: London

Color: Marengo

Type: Porcelain Tile

Size: 20x40 large Format

Rectified: Yes

Roca Tile London Marengo 20x40

London Marengo porcelain tile by Roca is a double loaded through body porcelain tile that has durability with acids and bases resistance. This tile is designed to appear as a natural marble tile and will add elegance to any room of your home.  With this tile one can easily create a natural style using tiles with a realistic marble effect.  Our singular dimensional tile is the epitome of urban rustic design and affordability. This sleek modern tile brings a classy look and clean feel to any space.This sleek modern tile brings a classy look and clean feel to any space. With a pristine glossy tile look this tile introduces a contemporary feel to a heritage design.

The Roca tile collection combines the looks of various natural stones under the same shade to create an appearance of movement  through gentle contrasts. This mixed stone effect creates balance, elegance, and strength. Roca is a company devoted to the design, production and sale of products for bathroom areas and floor and wall tiles for use in architecture, construction and interior design. The Roca Group is Spanish owned and is the market leader in Europe, Latin America, India and Russia.  Roca’s business management model is centered on full environmental awareness and respect for nature and its surroundings.

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London Marengo

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