Lumina Crema

Introducing Lumina Crema Tile Series  Durable / Elegant / Contemporary Ceramic Wall Tile | Lumina Crema

Type: Porcelain

Finishes: Crema Polished CR01, Crema Matt CRB01, Crema Brushed CRV01

Available Sizes: 12x24 , 24x24

Lumina Crema

Lumina Crema double loaded porcelain tile is available in mosaics and 3 finishes: stunning polished, matt and brushed porcelain. The Lumina series is available in seven chic colors with several sizes and finishes for floor and wall use.  Comprehensive and complete acid-resistant, non-slip, and wear-resistant tile functional for both indoor & outdoor applications.  The double-load porcelain tile is one of the most resilient tiles available and yet it does not compromise on style decor. If your remodeling space requires efficient and reliable durability, however, your desired design concept fancies for a contemporary and sophisticated style, then this tile would make the perfect option to satisfy and surpass both expectations.  The slip-resistant texture makes this tile a perfect choice for areas of high traffic.

The double loading process for Lumina porcelain is comparable to the single powder wear-resistant process.  Double loaded porcelain is manufactured with two layers of porcelain pressed together and then fired. The top layer is pressed to the base porcelain layer under high pressure. This top layer is comprised of porcelain clay randomly infused with various color pigments to create an endless range of patterns and combinations of color that resemble that of natural stones.  A second loading of very fine colored powders is added to the surface creating a unique aesthetic beauty. This bonded porcelain is then fired.

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Lumina Crema

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