Valmalenco Bianco

Roca Introduces Valmalenco Bianco Porcelain Tile / Modern, Functional and Versatile Wall Tile from Italy | Valmalenco Bianco

Type: Porcelain

Item Code: VABI1224

Size: 12x24

Origin: Made in Italy

Valmalenco Bianco

Valmalenco Bianco tile proves to be a high functional and versatile tile and is the evolution of concrete material than can be used for both residential and commercial applications. This sleek modern tile brings a classy look and clean feel to any space. Valmalenco tile is characterized as a minimal stone effect floor surface with with hints of northern shades and faintly stretched monochrome streaks.

The Valmalenco tile series is named after the Valmalenco valley which is located in the Sondrio province of Italy - near the Switzerland border.  The Valmalenco valley is the source of rich deposits of mineral and beautiful stones. These stones are highly regarded because they are very ornamental and contains a smooth-to-the-touch surface resembling stone slabs cut with a saw.  The unusually unique streaks of color are caused from minerals within the stone.  The Valmalenco tiles series is offered in multiple colors: Nero, Grigio, Cenere, Bianco.  The colors have been carefully chosen to coordinate with today's interior design trends.

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