Laticrete Grout Raven 45

LATICRETE Grout Raven 45 -- Unmatched performance, workability, strength, color consistency, low-maintenance - Laticrete Grout Raven 45

Laticrete Grout

Color: Raven 45

Size: 25Lb Bag

Laticrete Grout Raven 45

LATICRETE tile grout is available in a variety of  configurations to accommodate virtually any size installation.  Laticrete Grout Raven 45 provides unparalleled performance, workability, strength, color consistency and is essentially maintenance free.  This easy-to-install grout sets the standard for homeowners and professionals, and it's high durability helps to maintain a pristine finish.

Contact Imperial Tile to include our Laticrete Grout Raven 45 as part of your next home, or commercial renovation project.

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