Olive Marone with Tawny Beige Dot

Imperial Tile & Stone Introduces Olive Marone with Tawny Beige Dot by AKDO - Contemporary and Captivating Marble Mosaics | Olive Marone with Tawny Beige Dot

Stone: Olive Marone / Tawny Beige

Type: Marble

Origin: Turkey

Size: Basketweave

Finish: Mixed

Olive Marone with Tawny Beige Dot

Olive Marone with Tawny Beige Dot by AKDO Basketweave Mosaics are available in  5 different color blends. AKDO manufactures some of the most beautiful quality stone mosaics and tile, often offered in unusual shapes, sizes or patterns. As a natural stone product, it is recommended that this product be sealed. Marble Tile will have Variation from batch to batch. No two pieces are exactly the same and each piece is likely to vary in color and texture. With many versatile uses this tile is recommended for Commercial & Residential, Interior, Floor & Wall, Backsplashes, Countertops, Fireplaces, Tub Surrounds & Showers, Vanities, and more. It is highly recommended that this tile be sealed to extend its longevity since it is composed from natural stone products.

Marble tile is truly a wonderful choice for floor and wall covering in your home or business. Olive Marone with Tawny Beige Dot Marble Tile provides a sense of elegance, sophistication and lasting beauty and is an outstanding look for your entryway, dining room, bathroom and virtually any room. Using this beige stone allows for tremendous flexibility in design.

Contact Imperial Tile to include our Akdo Stone Basketweave Mosaics Olive Marone with Tawny Beige Dot tile as part of your next home, or commercial renovation project.

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