Chic Thassos with Azul Celeste

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Imperial Tile & Stone Introduces Chic Thassos with Azul Celeste Marble Tiles by AKDO - Custom Interlocking Marble Mosaics | Chic Thassos with Azul Celeste

Stone: Thassos / Azul Celeste

Type: Marble

Origin: Greece

Size: 12x12

Finish: Mixed

Chic Thassos with Azul Celeste

Chic Thassos with Azul Celeste by AKDO Custom Interlocking are available in  5 different color blends.  AKDO manufactures some of the most beautiful quality stone mosaics and tile, often offered in unusual shapes, sizes or patterns. Thassos marble is characterized by its crystalline structure that undoubtedly sparkles and shines with the polished ming green accents.  This marble derives from a small island in the Northern Aegean Sea and for centuries has been quarried and used as a building material for art statutes, buildings, monuments and floor and wall interiors of homes.

This marble tile is truly a wonderful choice for floor and wall covering in your home or business. Chic Thassos with Azul Celeste Marble Tile provides a sense of elegance, sophistication and lasting beauty and is an outstanding look for your entryway, dining room, bathroom and virtually any room.  This sleek modern tile brings a classy look and clean feel to any space.

Contact Imperial Tile to include our Akdo Stone Mosaics Chic Thassos with Azul Celeste as part of your next home, or commercial renovation project.

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