Birds Egg Pebble Stone Tile

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Introducing Island Stone's Birds Egg Pebble Stone Tile Blend - Unmatched Quality and Uniqueness | Birds Egg Pebble Stone Tile Blend 

Type: Pebble Stone

Size: 11 3/4x11 3/4

Color: Birds Egg blend


Birds Egg Pebble Stone Tile

Island Stone's Birds Egg Pebble Stone Tile Blend has unmatched quality and uniqueness that will make brilliant, stunning, seamless surfaces with unmatched uniqueness and quality!  Invented in 1998, the "pebble tile" by Island Stone remains as the leading favorite premier pebble tile in the industry. To insure that only pebbles displaying of the highest quality in size, color and flatness, the pebbles are individually sorted. Only premium pebbles are placed in an interlocking shape to create a pebble tile of unmatched consistency and quality.

The Pebble Tile Series from Island Stone creates an exceptionally stylish interaction of natural colors, shapes and textures.  This tile is perfect to use for flooring or to accent a wall. The unique experience in this interlocking pebble tile design blends extraordinarily well that you may not believe you are looking at tiles.

See how to add this amazing tile to your latest design.  Contact us TODAY for a sample of Island Stone /
Birds Egg Pebble Stone Tile

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