Crescent Interlock Mini Sandstone Mint

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Introducing Island Stone's Crescent Interlock Mini Sandstone Mint - Solid Stone Wall Finished Look Crescent Interlock Mini Sandstone Mint 3.2x11.8 Wedge

Series: Island Stone

Type: Slate

Size: 3.2x11.8 Wedge

Color: Sandstone Mint


Island Stone Crescent Interlock Mini Sandstone Mint Quartzite Wedge

Crescent Interlock Mini Sandstone Mint is specially hand selected for texture and color and each stone tile creates an exceptional surface. With a versatile solid stone wall finished look this tile has endless options to create a unique and modern effect to any room. Perfect for a variety of residential and commercial applications, this tile's high standard of craftsmanship and beautiful, intricate design is sure to attract attention.

Contact us today for a sample of Crescent Interlock Mini Sandstone Mint, and discover how to use this tile in your latest renovation.

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