Rajah Red Slate

Imperial Tile & Stone Introduces Rajah Red Slate Tile - Natural Stone with Smooth Texture / Non-Slip Surface | Rajah Red Slate Tile

Type: Slate

Size: 12x12, 16x16

Finish: Natural


Rajah Red Slate tile is a natural stone from India has been incorporated in building stones for years in the garden, home, hospitals, hotels, counter-tops, driveways and fireplaces. This red slate stone's smooth texture and excellent finish create a unique gleam. Rajah Red Slate tile is available in a variety finishes and forms cut to size. It has a naturally non-slip surface than can be added with plain or varnished coating.  Due to the characteristics of natural stones, each piece of tile will vary in shade, color and texture.

Contact Imperial Tile to include our Rajah Red Slate Tile in your next home, or commercial renovation project.

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